A “Magic Pill” for Getting Healthy

A “Magic Pill” for Getting Healthy

Ever wish there was a magic pill to get healthy? Well, there’s something pretty close.

I came across an article a while back about a powerful therapeutic called “Iloccor-B.”

Multiple studies demonstrate that this therapeutic reduces your risk of developing chronic diseases (from hypertension to Alzheimer’s), repairs DNA damage, improves digestion and gut health, lowers cancer risk, enhances cognitive function, slows down aging, increases energy, and supports a healthy weight, among other benefits. To top it off, there are NO negative side effects.

You’re probably thinking, “This sounds pretty great, but what’s the catch?”

Turns out, there is indeed such a therapeutic, although it’s not called Iloccor-B.

It’s Iloccor-B backwards.

(It’s broccoli!)

Whenever I tell people this story, I typically get a few chuckles, followed by looks of disappointment.

Why is it disheartening to hear that the solution to so many health problems is actually quite simple? Why are we still desperate for a silver bullet if the answer is (sometimes literally) in our hands?

I think it’s because “simple” doesn’t necessarily mean “easy.” While it seems trivial to eat more broccoli, changing habits is hard, and changing food habits, in particular, often means rethinking and disrupting a lot of other things as well (culture, routine, tradition, social norms, ethical standards, and more).

But, at the least, let’s not over-complicate healthy eating if we don’t have to. Regardless of where you stand on the vegan vs. paleo vs. keto debate, you probably agree that eating more vegetables is a good thing.

So why not start there?

If you don’t eat many veggies, focus solely on adding more into your diet each week.

If you do eat veggies but tend to eat the same ones every day, focus on switching things up.

Wherever you’re at diet-wise, there are probably small, simple tweaks you can make right now to improve your diet and live a healthier, happier life.

What change will you make?

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