I simplify healthy living so you can enjoy good
health while preserving your time, energy, and
money for the people and things you love.

If you want:

  • More joy, energy, and confidence
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Focus and clarity throughout the day
  • A long, healthy life

Without having to:

  • Spend hours on the treadmill
  • Track every calorie you consume
  • Drop $$$$ on spirulina and goji berries
  • Drain your willpower battling “unhealthy” temptations

Then I'm your gal.

Hi. I'm
Dominique Alessi.

I’m a former ballerina, a software project manager, and a wellness coach.

Although I’ve been interested in health for a long time, it took years of anxiety and burnout, and a demanding Silicon Valley career, to realize my approach was way too complicated.

​And so my quest for simplicity began.

  • I reoriented myself around the fundamentals of wellness, and started filtering out anything more complicated.
  • I crafted systems and routines to streamline my life and reduce my reliance on memory and willpower.
  • I cultivated a deeper awareness of my personal tendencies and the habit-change strategies that work best for me.

Now, I’m sharing these things with you—the realizations, the systems, and the hacks—so that you can lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life (without burning out in the process).

My Certifications.