Hi. I'm
Dominique Alessi.

TL;DR: I dance, I think, I tech, I make. This site is my attempt to capture and share some of my thoughts and creations with you all.


For the curious, a slightly longer description of me…

  • Grew up in Los Angeles (like, actually Los Angeles… like, the city)
  • Danced ballet for about 12 years
  • Studied Computer Science (biocomputation focus) at Stanford
  • Worked for Palantir as a product manager for several years
  • Quit the tech thing and started my own health coaching practice
  • Circled back to tech and started working for Tenable, still health coaching peeps on the side

Outside the whole “career” thing, I also spend quite a bit of time thinking about all sorts of things (and sometimes writing about them). I’m mostly interested in:

  • Psychology — why do people do what they do? how can we change our behavior for the better?
  • Philosophy — how can we live more meaningful and fulfilling lives? what do “meaningful” and “fulfilling” even mean?
  • Computer theory and logic — how can we optimize this particular algorithm? is this problem solvable? how can we prove that X is true?
  • Health and wellness — what should we be eating? how can we adopt healthier behaviors? why is healthy living so challenging, and how can we make it easier?

Oh, and dance — although this is less of a thing I think/write about, and more of a thing I do. At this point, it’s mostly just for fun, but I’d like to do something more with it eventually.

Head on over to my Blog to read more about my thoughts on the above topics, and/or follow me on Twitter if that’s more your speed.

My Certifications.

Stanford University

B.S. Computer Science, Biocomputation focus

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

American Council on Exercise

Certified Personal Trainer

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