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Rumblings about the benefits of plant-based diets have been getting louder over the last few years. From environmental friendliness to impressive health benefits, the arguments for plant-based eating are indeed compelling. But what does plant-based eating even mean? What does

Aside from something store-bought, this is probably the easiest pasta sauce you'll ever make. If you're craving something rich, creamy, and fall-inspired (and healthy!), give this recipe a try. Easiest Pumpkin Pasta Sauce A ridiculously easy pasta sauce for fall-inspired dinners. 1

Let's just call it out: There's a lot going on right now, and staying active at home probably feels like the least of your worries. On the milder side of the spectrum, we have disrupted routines, loneliness, and cabin fever. On

Lentils are a great source of (vegetarian!) protein, essential minerals, and dietary fiber, but it's not always obvious how to incorporate them into daily meals. Well, here is one of my favorite lentil recipes -- a great one for both