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Most people probably encounter tahini in Mediterranean cuisine -- it shows up in hummus and similar sauces/dips. After experimenting with making homemade hummus, I grew a particular fondness towards tahini. Turns out, my favorite hummus recipes were the tahini-heavy ones

For everyone who is too busy to exercise, it's time to reevaluate how you think about exercise. Reframing Exercise Exercise as a tool to maximize time I think most people accept that there are numerous benefits to exercise—weight loss, reduced risk of

Generally speaking, I love hummus. But it can be hard to find a good store-bought version -- many hummus products I've tried from the grocery store are either too watery, too lemony, or just kinda weird. So when I'm craving

I'm a snacker for sure -- I strongly prefer snacking every few hours over eating larger, infrequent meals. Because of this, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate different food groups (whole grains, veggies, nuts, etc.) into snack form. A particularly

Imagine this scenario: Eager to better your health and well-being, you decide to improve your diet. You’re a few weeks in, and you’re doing pretty well — you’ve been avoiding junk, cooking more, and making healthier choices overall. And

Kale chips are one of my favorite snacks (crunchy, salty things FTW!). While I do enjoy the convenience of store-bought chips, they can be quite expensive, and I tend to get sick of their flavors easily. Enter: homemade kale chips.